Plans Initiated For Messi’s Move To Italy

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messi 1 somtosports

A proposal is gradually becoming a fact as Alessio Sundas, a FIFA agent re-initiates talks for transfer of Barcelona star, Lionel Messi  to Italy.

Days back, The five times ballon d’or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo, in an interview challenged his long-time rival, Lionel Messi to join him in the Sera A so they would continue their contest.

Many have seen this as a mere talk that Lionel Messi won’t think about. But Following the recent updates, the Argentine might be moving over to Italy to compete with Ronaldo.

A year ago, FIFA agent, Alessio Sundas initiated a transfer deal for Lionel Messi to be brought to Italy but the deal failed woefully.

But few days back, Sundas had re-initiated the long-time failed transaction and progress seems to have been made over the days, unlike the past one that he received a big ‘NO’ as a reply.

According to Sundas’ confession to Radio Goal 24, he claimed to have exchanged emails with Blaugrana’s General Manager, Pep Sergura likewise Lionel Messi’s father, Jorge Messi who sees to Lionel’s interest.


“In these days I had an exchange of emails with Pep Segura, the general manager of Barcelona, and also with Leo’s father who takes care of his interests. Their reply was not a big “no” like it happened in the past. That makes me suppose that there are some feeble chances to see Messi playing in Italy”. Sundas said.

He went on to disclose that he would have given the deal to Napoli or Ac Milan but the clubs can’t afford to pay for the Argentine due to some certain issues. This left him no other choice than offering him to Inter Milan being the only reliable club both economically and technically.

Sundas’ statement to the media – “Initially, my idea was to propose the deal to Napoli because I think that Messi is the only one able to approach and, in some way, revive the myth of Maradona.

“It would be a stimulating challenge.

“However, this operation with Napoli is not easy at all. Not all the clubs can afford a player like Leo and with AC Milan struggling with the UEFA sanctions, I believe that Inter remain the only reliable club, both in economic and technical terms.

“Bringing Messi to Inter would mean to place the unique market transfer capable of equalizing the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus”. The agent ended.


Considering the fact that Messi has spent pretty much of his time with Barcelona, and also he isn’t getting any younger,  this deal might materialize.

We’ll just sit back and watch.

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