Pochettino assures Christian Eriksen is still a major plan in his squad.

Pochettino assures Christian Eriksen is still a major plan in his squad.

Tottenham manager, Mauricio Pochettino has assured his boys that his squad selection has nothing to do with their current contract uncertainties.

Pochettino is facing some sought of tough times sorting his squad as three of his most valued assets are on the verge of leaving Spurs should any concrete deals come through for them.

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But the Argentine manager has assured that despite the current contract extensions delay, he will continue to work with the boys he deem very fit for the squad with less or no regard to their contract remaining life span.

Denmark man, Christian Eriksen, Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen are already in the final contract years and might leave anytime, especially Eriksen who has been lately linked to a move to join Spanish giants, Real Madrid.

The transfer window is still wide open for outgoing players and this three players can leave at anytime they want, should any responsible deal come for their hand in marriage.

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Tottenham set to battle defending Champions, Man City tomorrow at the Etihad stadium and Christian Eriksen is expected to be in the starting 11 after he made known of his importance in the squad by coming from the bench, and taking his side from 1 goal down to 2 goals lead.

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