Pochettino Speaks On Manchester’s Rumor


Tottenham’s manager, Mauricio Pochettino has indirectly replied to the rumors linking him to Manchester United in a press conference yesterday.

Manchester United, after sacking their former manager, Jose Mourinho, installed Ole Gunnar as the caretaker until the club gets a new manager whom all speculations are pointing to Pochettino.

Just moments after their thrilling 6-2 win over Everton, Spurs’ manager, Pochettino was in a press conference with several reporters who questioned him on several issues concerning his future.

Pochettino who is linked to a move to either Real Madrid or Manchester United might be staying back at White Hart Lane following his statements on the press yesterday.

Mauricio claimed he didn’t want to upset the team’s press officer by speaking to the media on some certain issues and therefor he won’t discuss about the rumors linking him to Manchester United.

“A lot rumours happen. I don’t want this guy [Spurs press officer] to get upset again . We need to be focused. We will do our best to try to be successful,” Pochettino said.

Tottenham might have recently given Mauricio Pochettino six reasons not to leave the team, following their 6-2 thrash on Everton.

Although, rumors are also linking the Real Madrid’s former manager, Zinedine Zidane to the deal, Manchester United might not be needing a new manager provided that Gunnar as a caretaker would be capable of handling the team properly.

Gunnar led Manchester United to a thrilling 5-1 victory over Cardiff city on saturday, the best result the team has had for a very long time.

Mourinho’s poor management pattern left Manchester United with no option than seek for fresh ideas in their management team, considering the fact the Portuguese’s pattern is now obsolete.

Mauricio Pochettino might repeat his action while he was still with Southampton few years back, after been linked to several big team, he decided to join Spurs in 2014.

But the fans just hope he sticks to his words this time around and stays with the team.

More updates still to come up on Pochettino’s deal!

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