Pogba needs to leave Man United to save his name – Evra

Pogba needs to leave Man United to save his name Evra 4
Pogba needs to leave Man United to save his name Evra 4

Former Manchester United defender, Patrick Evra has suggested a quick solution to country man, Paul Pogba amid Manchester United exit saga.

Paul Pogba has gone from the most loved to the most blamed player in the Red Devils shirt despite being mostly absent due to injury problems and Partick Evra thinks Pogba should part ways with the club.

Evra who considers Pogba as a junior brother, stating Paul has featured in most teams he[Evra] did represent during his career days; from Juventus to France to Manchester United.

With several exit links to the 26-year-old World-cup winner, Pogba is assumed likely to be heading towards the exit door after Patrick Evra suggested he should leave to save his name.

Evra gave an instance with his Marsielle exit after he had kicked a fan and the management approached to iron things out but he suggested to leave in order to save the club’s reputation as well as his.

“Paul, when he’s playing, people blame Paul; when he’s not playing, people blame Paul,” Evra said in response to Roy Keane’s ‘get rid of players who were a nuisance’ talk.

He continued, “but I understand, sometimes I don’t agree with Roy, but when you are a problem for the club… I give my example, when I kicked that fan in Marseille, the owner and the manager, they came and said: ‘Patrice, what are we going to do now?’

“And I said: ‘I’m leaving.’ I don’t want to bring any negativity around the club, and right now, maybe it will be time for Paul to leave, because I remember when it was a big game, Liverpool vs Manchester United, people were talking more about Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba.

“This is insulting, for the two biggest clubs in the world to be talking about one player and one manager, that’s why sometimes I think it’s time, because when you play, they blame you, when you [don’t] play, they blame you.”

Paul Pogba is still a major target for Juventus who haven’t stopped posting videos of the Frenchman’s goals on their Instagram page.

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