PSG’s Wicked Acts On Rabiot Amid His Exit Plans

Adrien Rabiot 1063973
Adrien Rabiot 1063973

Rabiot’s refusal to renewal his contract with PSG has really got him into a mess that has left PSG showering him lots of wickedness.

Andrien Rabiot has spent most of his career as a footballer with Paris Saint German and presently has decided to try out another team, thereby refusing to renew his relationship with the French Giants.

Rabiot’s decision of not wanting to renew his contract with PSG has really sparked off lots of things at Parc des Princes.

Sources revealed that the midfielder has lately been receiving some form of bad treatments from the club ever since he has refused to renew his contract with the team.

According to Paris United, the club manager, Thomas Tuchel has been ordered by the club’s sporting director, Antero Henrique, not to allow Rabiot play for team again and also not to enter the dressing room on match days.

This is a wicked act on Rabiot, considering the fact that Rabiot has literally spent most times of his life working for the club.


It was also revealed that the beef existing between Rabiot and the club has escalated up to the extent that both the club’s President, Al-Khalaifi and the sporting director, Antero do ignore Rabiot whenever they cross paths with each other.

Probably it might be because Rabiot rejected the Presidents offer that should make him earn twice the amount he is earning at the moment.

The only person that is still in good terms with Rabiot in the club is his former teammate and Tuchel’s assistant, Zoumana Camara.

With all the tragedy on the player’s side, Barcelona seem to be the only gateway for him, but if he is willing to join the Spaniards on 5 million euros deal which is half of the agreed signing bonus.

The move should be completed by January if Rabiot agrees to Barcelona’s terms.

What do you think of PSG’s behavior towards Rabiot?

Is Barcelona trying to take advantage of the Player’s situation at the moment?

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