Punters Tale

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Unarguably, there are a lot of punters in sports business.
Mostly, bookmakers mark a highest staked day when there is European matches.
Many punters enjoy matchdays whilst others regret switching on their mobile data or even visiting the bet shop.

Above is a bet history of a Ghanaian punter who just lost 3773.15 Ghanaian Cedis from 6am of the day to 3pm, accurately between 9 hours.
3773 Ghanaian Cedis 
could be enough capital to start a medium business in the country.
Sports bookies make huge sum of profits from punters everyday.
Whilst other try their best on predicting outcome of events, many others also get scammed in the name of safe predictions, or fixed football games.
somtosports.com will bring to you soon the best of predicted sports events soon.
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