Rabiot’s Mother Heads To Spain To Finalize Deal With Barça

veronique rabiot 750x410
veronique rabiot 750x410

The heat from PSG’s conflict with their player, Andrien Rabiot would be coming to an end in no distance time as the player’s mother and representative, Veronique would be travelling to Barcelona to finalize terms with Barca.

Rabiot’s refusal to extend his contract with Paris Saint German is really putting up a lot of heat; following that he has been denied access entering the dressing room on match days let alone play for the club again.

Veronique Rabiot
Photo: Courtesy (Veronique Rabiot)

Veronique Rabiot, the mother and representative of the young star has decided to stop the club’s humiliation and inhumane act on his son.

Veronique is reported to be heading to Barcelona soon to negotiate terms for her son in order to see that the French man lands in Camp Nou soon despite the initial plans of Barcelona to incorporate the player in June.

Andrien Rabiot
Photo: Courtesy (Andrien Rabiot)

The deal is believed to see Rabiot bag a sum of 10 million euros as the signing bonus and also a net value of another 10 million euros.

After refusing offers from Liverpool and Tottenham, Rabiot would be joining Barça soon.

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