Ramsey won’t be saying the goodbye he planned for Arsenal

Ramsey somtosports
Ramsey somtosports

Aaron Ramsey won’t be saying a proper goodbye to the fans he has worked so hard to impress for 11 years.

The Welsh man who has really spent a lot of years at the Emirates Stadium would be finally leaving his long-time home.

During the last transfer window, Juventus managed to successfuly secure a deal for Ramsey but he had to say till the end of the season.

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Probably Aaron must have been preparing to hand the Europa League trophy to the supporters before leaving but this plans are now shattered.

The 28 year old player just picked up a devastating hamstring injury which would necessitate him being abscent till the end of the season.

The player limped out of the pitch during their last Europa League fixture against Napoli.

According to a report by The Sun, Ramsey’s injury is perceived as been more severe than it was assumed and by so would be left out for the rest of the season.

Arsenal might really be heading into dark zones as they have already lost three matches in abscence of the Welsh man.

According to Metro, Aaron had hit his best of forms before the injury hijacked him off the pitch.

Arsenal would have to sought for other alternatives to ensure their games turn out well as they still have threatening matches ahead.

While sitting 5th and 2 points behind Chelsea on the league table, Arsenal would have work so hard to win their remaining 2 games incase Chelsea slips.

But if Chelsea doesn’t slip, then their win would mean them retaining the 5th position because Manchester United also posses a great threat.

Gunners are just a point behind the Red Devil who are really doing all they can to secure a place in the top 4.

Meanwhile, they can procrastinate planning for the war ahead and face the war in front first as they would be going against the Spanish team, Valencia in Europa League Semis.

Would Aaron’s abscence be felt once more?

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