Real Madrid Confirms First Signing

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Real Madrid has completed the negotiation of River plates’ Palacios Exequiel, leads in Harry Kane’s  deal after failing to lure Inter Milan’s striker, Icardi to Santigo Bernabeu.

Born in Famailla, Tucman, Argentina, Palacios has been on Real MAdrid’s list for quite a long time now and would be finally joining Los Blancos by January.

Palacios, is more known by his country for his outside-pitch life. “Chico amante” (Lover Boy) rings all over wherever he is found.

Few months ago, it was all over the media that Palacois was dating multiple women in his country. Two famous and the other a neighbour of his.

The women took to Social media to blast the 20 year old for his disloyalty and as well all broke up with him.


Coming to Spain might not be 100% for football stuff in Palacio’s mind considering the fact that he seems addicted to women. Even his team-mate, Leonardo Ponzio thought it was a joke when news came that there were high probability that Palacio would be joining Los Blancos.

“Palacios, at Real Madrid? I think what conditions he has, that’s right, he can not be asked the same thing as Luka Modric, he’s 20, he’s going to another continent, to another football. “explains Ponzio, player of the winning club of the Libertadores.

“Technically he is good, he has a good footing, individually he is good, he should not leave his head, he has to be calm because he is going to make the jump at any moment”, Ponzio said.

Despite been quite young and somewhat not experienced enough to take on the duty at Real Madrid, Palacio has been confirmed by Los Blancos and River Plate as their first official business of the coming year and that the player would be leaving for Madrid in January.

Harry Kane Green Lights Los Blancos.

Tottenham’s striker, Harry Kane has tipped off the champions league defending champions that he would be available for transfer following his team’s somewhat inconsistency.

Does that really make sense?

Spurs is a great team and are still in the Champions league knock out stage, marched to faced the German Side- Borussia Dortmund.

Does this mean that the English man is predicting that his side won’t make it to the finals talk-less of lifting the trophy?


Kane’s presence is really needed at Santiago Bernabeu to fill in the scoring gap that Cristano Ronaldo left.

Ever since Ronaldo left, Madrid’s scoring ability has diminshed and Perez is willing to pay 180 million euros to have that fixed.

Although Kane was considered as a alternative transfer deal but Icardi’s confession of wanting to renew his contracts with Inter Milan soon has made madrid swing into action on Kane’s deal.


Icardi was for longtime considered as Los Blancos’ main target being Inter’s scoring machine, he was considered to be equal to the task at Santiago Bernabeu.

January is just by the corner and Real Madrid has officially sealed a contract. This entails that the team is actually putting in works to get back to their former state as the main threat of Spain.

Leave your comments Below, what do you think of Harry Kane’s deal, is he actually gonna leave?

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