Real Madrid To Release Casemiro, Isco And Asensio For Mbappe And Neymar

ne and mba
ne and mba

Real Madrid’ president, Florentino Perez is really adding speed in his pursuit to land either Neymar of Kylian Mbappe at Santiago Bernabeu.

Perez is reported to having plans of releasing three talented Madrid players in order to assure that he brings in his choice.

Mpabbe’s deal is the most safest and possible to be achieved but Perez needs to raise €280 million as soon as possible to initiate the legal procedures that would have Kylian join Los Blancos.

With this project at hand, Los Blancos is willing to release Casemiro, Asensio and Isco to raise the funds needed to land the players Perez needs at his club.

Casemiro is believed to be placed at a €70million price tag, Asensio, €120 million and Isco €80 million. Despite the fact that the club claims that they intend to sell Casemiro in order to land Neymar.

Neymar’s arrival is still doubtful considering the fact that he has constantly stated his intentions of wanting to return to his former team, Barcelona; but that is PSG fails to bring in quality players that would assure him of the Champions league.

neymar and mbape

Paris Saint German makes more money with Neymar, than they do with Mbappe, definitely a green light for Los Blancos on Mbappe’s deal, but the French man is really asking for more than enough, aside his transfer bill.

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