Revealed: Chelsea Rejected Mbappe After Trial But Kept Solanke

Revealed Chelsea Rejected Mbappe After Trial And Kept Solanke

Kylian Mbappe ran the show on Tuesday night as PSG came from behind to stun Barcelona

Paris Saint German cruised past home team Barcelona following master class hattrick from Kylian Mbappe who once was rejected after a Chelsea trial.

Mbappe’s market value could be taking a surprising soar after he singlehandedly wrecked havoc a Koeman’s Barcelona despite the Parisians suffering the first blow when Lionel Messi netted a penalty.

With Neymar absent on the Tuesday night, the 22-year-old shouldered his team’s victory past Lionel Messi’s side who were thought more likely to win considering it was also on their home ground.

Revealed Chelsea Rejected Mbappe After Trial And Kept Solanke 1

But last night would have never been if Mbappe had moved to London to join Stamford Bridge side, Chelsea.

Chelsea mismanaged their chances of owning Mbappe earlier as the prophesies of the Frenchman’s mum is already playing out.

According to a former Chelsea scout, Boga; Blues missed out on the chance of signing Kylian Mbappe after demanding more defensively from an attacking wonderkid.

Speaking on the incident which took place back in 2012, Boga explained Mbappe had awesomely performed whenever he received the ball during the trial but without the ball couldn’t do much.

Revealed Chelsea Rejected Mbappe After Trial And Kept Solanke 2

As this didn’t convince Chelsea, they asked for a second trial but then his mum refused.

“He took a trial and didn’t end up convincing us because he didn’t offer enough defensively,” Boga said.

“So, they asked his mother if he could come back for a second trial and she said no.”

“Defensively, he wasn’t quite there. When he received the ball he was incredible, but without the ball he didn’t do much,” he added.

“He is the type of player that everyone wants to watch, he has everything required for a modern player and to continue being one of the best players in the next ten years.”

Revealed Chelsea Rejected Mbappe After Trial And Kept Solanke 3

In response to the second trial, Mbappe’s mum was bold with her response at that time he was still a Bondy youngster.

“My son will not go back, either they sign him now or within five years they’ll have to offer 50 million euros to tie him down,” his mother said.

And now Kylian is already worth more than the €50m his mum had estimated.

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