Revealed: Main Reason Why Pogba Was Signed

PaulPogbajpg1 somtosports
PaulPogbajpg1 somtosports

Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba might loose his value in the transfer market and also as a player, following the recent confession made by Jose Mourinho’s advisor.

Eladio Parames, Mourinho’s advisor has recently disclosed exactly what Pogba’s problem is at Manchester United.

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Due to Paul Pogba’s inconsistency for a while now, Jose Mourinho has decided to drop him in his last two matches.

The French man arrived Old Trafford in the Summer, 3 years ago. But like other players, Pogba wasn’t signed because of his playing abilities, according to Eladio.

Eladio, went on to share that Pogba arrival at Old Trafford wasn’t for his abilities as a footballer, rather he was bought due to his potential positive effect for commercial advertisement.

Parames also shared that the club has already recovered every dime spent on Pogba’s head.

“It’s no coincidence that both have already been severely criticised by several coaches.

“Of course some will ask whether the person who hired them did not know what their personalities were like.

“Yes is the answer, but sometimes there are reasons beyond sports that lead the clubs, and not always the coaches, to gamble on hiring them.

“Pogba, for example, is worth a lot in the advertising market, so much so that in just six months Manchester United had already recovered what they had invested in him.

“However, without ‘terriers’ like Matuidi and Kante at his side, he is worth ­virtually nothing on the field. “Man United did not give Mourinho ‘terriers’ despite advice given to Woodward last summer.

Eladio said to the media.


What will now be Pogba’s fate, looking at the situation of things on ground concerning his career as a footballer.

Will he return to his former team, Juventus or will he remain at Old Trafford to prove Eladio wrong by putting out excellent and amazing performance?

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