Ronaldo Dribble Rate Has Decelerated Since He Got Older

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gettyimages 1177700218 2048x2048

Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t dribbled pass anybody for three consecutive football seasons now.

Loved by many football supporters, always regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time, the 700+ goal scoring machine has been at his apex of football for long but it is sad to know that statistically, Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aviero; CR7 has not propelled the football pass anybody on the field of play.

The shine of Ronaldo from Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United showed another dribble darling boy after Ronaldinho was known.
Unarguably, the Portuguese national team captain has a diminishing rate of his footwork on the ball.

Ronaldo Dribble Rate Has Decelerated Since He Got Older

Just yesterday, when Juventus played against AC Milan at the Juventus Stadium, Ronaldo furiously left the pitch when he was substituted for Paulo Dybala to take over play while it was 0:0, in anxiety, he moved straight through the tunnel into the dressing room.
Reportedly, Ronaldo left the stadium before 90 minutes of play.

Lets hope to see Ronaldo climb to the apex of world football again at his 34th age?
Perhaps, his time is at end?

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