Salah in trouble over sexaul assault issues

Salah in trouble over sexaul assault issues
Salah in trouble over sexaul assault issues

Mohamed Salah might have really gotten himself into a big mess amid sexual assault on his team mate.

Mohamed Salah might be in deep shit now after he tried to defend his team mate who was accused of sexually accusing several women.

Egyptian midfielder, Amr Warda was last week suspended from the National team after several women accused him of sexually assaulting them.

But Salah and several of his national teammates pleaded on Amr behalf and demanded that he should be called back to the squad but the EFA adamantly refused to do so.

The Federation seems to be protecting the country’s dignity despite that almost all the women in country have been sexually assaulted, either physically or verbally.

As worst as it can get, Salah is now being criticized for his involvement in the case as he pleaded on his teammate’s behalf despite his speech on an interview with Time Magazine when he stated that ‘women should be treated with utmost respect’.

More salt is added to the injury as a British-Egyptian model, Merhan Keller has taken the allegations to the media and as well disclosed her fears in the issue stating that is no longer able to return to her country.

“This person [Salah] is God in Egypt, literally, Keller said to Mirror.

“He can do no wrong. This makes me in jeopardy. I cannot go to my country right now if I want to visit my family. People will attack me in the streets. You know how football fans are – ours are 100 times worse.

“What is shocking in the Mohamed Salah situation is that it had absolutely nothing to do with him.”

The model concluded.

Salah is yet to respond to the allegations of him being a hypocrite as he is currently focused on his national duties.

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