Salah Is Free To Face Arsenal – Gallagher

Following the just completed Premier league match week, former premier league Referee, Dermot Gallagher has recently issued some comments concerning the referee’s decision in the Liverpool-Newcastle match.

Liverpool extended their lead on the league table after thrashing Newcastle in a 4-0 scoreline, with goals from Dejan Lovren, Mohammed Salah, Shaqiri and Fabinho respectively.

But it wasn’t just about the scoreline, ever since the match ended, the supporters of both teams have battling on social media platforms concerning Salah’s goal which came via a penalty kick.

Salah was caught by the arm by Newcastle’s left back, Paul Dummett and the referee was at the right position to have seen that, thereby immediately pointing to the 18 yard box, as a signal that he had awarded a penalty to the Reds.

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The incident has sparked off a lot of speculations online, and several reports popped-up, stating that Mo_Salah would be placed under a ban by FIFA prior to their next fixture, Arsenal because he (Salah is suspected to have deceived the referee to awarding him a penalty.

While others shared that Salah’s penalty was pure and without any foul-play.

In order to clear the air about the incidence, former Premier league Referee, Dermot Gallagher was with Sky Sports Media to share his ideas/opinions on the referee’s decision.

Gallagher sided the referee’s decision, saying that he(the referee) was right to have awarded a penalty Kick to Mohammed Salah’s side;

“I thought it was a penalty – Dummett caught him(Salah) by the arm and there was enough there.
“At the speed people move, you do not need much… (to go over). His reaction is that he almost gives upon the decision, like ‘why have I done that?’ He said.


Gallagher went on to dismiss the rumor of Salah facing a ban on their next fixture. He shared his insight by differentiating Salah’s incidence from that of West Ham’s Manuel Lazini and Everton’s Niasse Oumar, which occurred last season,

Dermot said, “Niasse is going forward and actually initiates the contact, whereas with the Dummett and Salah one, Dummett takes him from behind, whereas Niasse sees the leg and then goes into it.


On Lazini’s case, Dermot said,
“The referee is in the wrong position here – because he has a complete down the barrel view, he thinks Erik Pieters fouls Lazini, but he takes his leg away.”


Dermot’s explanations are strong enough to eliminate every thought of Salah pretending to be fouled and it should.

Liverpool would prepare to go against Arsenal on their next fixture and Mo_Salah should sure be on the squad list for the game unless any other issue would prevent him from featuring in the game.

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