Salah’s Injury Affects Him – Klopp

Liverpool’s front-man, Mohammed Salah is definitely back to his scoring ways following their weekend win over wolves.

During the early days of the 2018/2019 season, Salah was a bit below par on his scoring habit, the Egyptian’s performance aroused critics from various walks of the earth, labeling him a one-season-wonder.

Despite been criticized by football fans, Mo_Salah took his time to right his wrongs and get back to his scoring ways.

Little wonder why the 26 years old winger started in such a style. Just after their last match, the club’s manager, Jurgen Klopp revealed to the media what had been behind Salah’s performance earlier this season.

He disclosed to the media that Salah was earlier affected by the injury he got from the Champions league final against Real Madrid.

“He [Salah] is young enough to involve a lot more things in his game. It’s not just speed, it’s not just finishing, it’s keeping the ball,

“But you need your body for that and that was the only problem with Mo at the beginning of the season. Part of his body was still not perfect”. Klopp said.

He continued,

“If you work in an office and your shoulder is not 100 per cent, it’s okay. If you are a professional football player, it just takes 10-15 per cent away.

“He’s still a world-class player but we knew we had to wait until the moment when everything was fine again.”

When asked about the changes on the players role this season, Klopp said,

“It’s good. He had to adapt a bit to a slightly different position. Not that different, but slightly. We need his link-up play,”

“He still has that desire and the speed in the first few yards, which is impressive. And of course, he is a very important part of our finishing situations.”

Klopp ended.

Liverpool will prepare to extend their unbeaten record in the premier league as they face their ‘Boxing Day’ opponent, Newcastle and we hope Salah would net in more goals.

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