Samir Nasri Returns And Joins West Ham

Samir Nasri returns to Premier league after his long term ban as he joins West Ham.

The use of an intravenous drip saw Samir Nasri slammed with a 12 months ban and ever since then has been absent from the football pitch.

The coming year must have brought him smiles as he sets to return to football and with a team he appreciates to be with, West Ham.

The Club announced Nasri’s contract’s completion just moments ago, on its official website,

Having won two premier league titles while he was still with Manchester City, the footballer shared his excitements as he prepares to get back to the most competitive league in Europe as he claimed.

“You choose a club and a project because of the ambition, and I think that West Ham has everything to be one of the biggest clubs in London, for sure. I mean, 60,000 people every game at home.

“We play in the Olympic Stadium. The training ground is there and you have owners who wants to invest and have a good team. Everything is there to be doing great things

“Coming back to the most competitive league in the world, with a team full of ambition with a manager that I know. It’s the best job in the world, and I’m really excited about it” said Nasri.

Samir Nasri
Welcome Back Samir Nasri

The French man who fell out of luck amid Guardiola’s arrival at Manchester City before he moved to Sevilla would be featuring in West Ham squad as he is believed to having the ability of giving the team’s play-pattern a different and preferable style.

Leave a welcome back note below for the French if you love his pattern of play.

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