Sane’s Contract Renewal Certain, Implies Pep Guardiola

sane somtosports
sane somtosports

Manchester city manager, Pep Guardiola disclosed that Sane’s contract renewal is under processing and he do not think that the youngster will be leaving the team any time soon.

Guardiola went on to share that he is not scared of losing the German winger, knowing also that he still has till 2021 before his contract would expire.

pep-somtosportsPep also stated that the 22 year old is definitely happy at city and opting out is not perceived any where close.

Despite the little delays in the renewal of the front-man’s contract, Guardiola assured that everything is going on well and of course in favor of Sane remaining at Ethihad.

The defending champions have been negotiating with the Essen born, for more than a month now and are still yet to come up with a unified agreement unlike Kelvin’s, which took just about two days to conclude.

Pep, in order to divert any form of fear, linked the players membership renewal’s delay to Raheem Sterling’s,

“The process [takes time], you saw with Raheem Sterling, it does not take one day, except Kevin De Bruyne, I think it was done in one or two days, the other ones will sometimes take longer.

“But hopefully [Sane] can stay here for longer, for many, many years.”- Guardiola said.

The 47 year old coach in-sighted that the likes of Sane and Sterling could get to their peaks if they remain with the team.
“It’s the same as with Raheem, I have the feeling he can do better,” he said. “In many, many things he can do better.

“I’m pretty sure becoming a father helps [to mature you]. I think Leroy had an incredible last season, he played a lot of games. He was our only left winger and he did incredible.

“But we will see I don’t like to say too many times to the players how good they are in the moment, the season is too long and we are just in December.”

Leroy Aziz Sane is putting out performances that has definitely caught attentions of some secret admiring clubs who are just waiting for an opportunity to hijack the powerhouse.

But all signs indicate that the player is comfortable at his present team and wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon.

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