Solari’s Press Conference: see details


 Solari is featured in a press conference as the laliga is set to get back on and teams are already back to training, as they prepare to face their opponents today.

With the recent win over Roma, Real Madrid are happy to be getting back on track as Solari seems to be their messiah, after they suffered a lot of inconsistency in the hands of their former coach, Lopetegui.
We bring you full details of Solari’s Press conference feature as he talks about relating facts that might affect the team’s performance today.

Despite losing one out of the three league he has led his side to, the 42 year old’s leadership style is more promising than the former manager’s.

While preparing for their clash with the six times laliga champions, Valencia: Solari is invited to the conference as he is questioned on his plans for today.

Solari said “We know Valencia are a well-organised and tactically disciplined team. They have conceded very few goals and we’ll have to focus on our players and their talent, and make sure we’re clinical and aggressive.

-every player here is a professional and they all work very hard. We’ve got some young guys in the team but the majority are mature individuals and I don’t think things going on outside will distract them”

Solari extended his statements, saying “It’s an honor for madridismo, for our stadium, to host the final of the Copa Libertadores, but I can’t ignore the reasons which have brought the game here. Playing on the other side of the ocean from Buenos Aires has broken many hearts.”

Solari dismisses Isco exit rumors

He went on to dismiss the Isco exit, saying “I consider that the Isco subject is closed, and that I can’t be aware of your speculations.
-The squad is made up of 24 players and they all work. I do what I think is best for everyone, we are all important because we are all Real Madrid.”

Llorente’s performance was applauded by the coach.

Solari expressed his thoughts concerning the player’s performance, saying “Marcos Llorente played a great game.
It was difficult for him because he did not have the competitive rhythm and he performed at a great level. That means he is a great professional and I hope he always follows the same path.”

High hopes and expectations from the potential spectators as we all get ready for the clash today, and we hope for a great performance from the both sides.

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