Solskjaer Warns Pained Squad Ahead Of Tottenham Battle After First Leg 6-1 Crash

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Man United tomorrow will face off with Spurs after falling to a humiliating defeat on their first encounter as Solskjaer warns his boys not to get conned again

United coming off their Thursday night’s 2-0 win over Granada are faced with a memory tormenting clash against a side that humiliated them in a 6-1 score line during their first encounter.

Tottenham battle to restore into the top 4 zone while Man United push to retain 2nd place spot after seeing Manchester City disappear out of sight.

Not just will the game on Sunday be a crucial one for both sides, but also for United will be a platform for revenge.

Solskjaer Warns Pained Squad Ahead Of Tottenham Battle After 6-1 Crash 1

During their first encounter this season, Man United saw a severe blow with Anthony Martial sent off, submitting the Red Devils to a 6-1 devastating loss.

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Solskjaer has called for his boys to approach the game on Sunday with absolute brilliance and intelligence in order to avoid been ‘conned’ by the Psychological Jose Mourinho once again.

‘We got conned into a red card, and that’s something that we have to be aware of,’ said Solskjaer ahead of the Sunday game.

‘We can’t react like this because we know in games there’ll be situations where we’ll be wound up. We’ve learned a lot from that and I’m sure we’ll have a better performance this time around.

That very loss is so far United’s worst loss of the decade and Solskjaer knows this alone leaves only hunger for revenge in his boys.

‘I think the players will remember that game with a lot of pain. Our professional pride has been hurt.

‘The way and the manner we lost is not ourselves and we know that. We gave ourselves a difficult game by having 10 men.

Solskjaer Warns Pained Squad Ahead Of Tottenham Battle After 6-1 Crash 2

‘Pre-season was short and we weren’t up to the standard required, but we were so poor and I’m pretty sure we’ll see some players wanting to prove that we’re better than that.’

A victory tomorrow will strengthen United’s place in the league table but Solskjaer reminds his boys 2nd isn’t a place for a club as Manchester United.

‘We should never settle for second place at Man United and we will never settle for second place, I think that’s the point here,’ he continued.

‘We have seen the heights and we know what this club is capable of. I’ve been here for a little while myself and it’s taken time for us to be in this position. Hopefully we can be better next season because this is below our ambitions.’

Man United will be faced by a squad that has seen 2 of it’s attackers gelled together and produced results but Solskjaer believes his side are confident and experienced enough to war off the threats posed by Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son.

Solskjaer Warns Pained Squad Ahead Of Tottenham Battle After 6-1 Crash 3

‘When you’re playing against one of the best centre-forwards in European football, of course it’s something that we prepare for,’ he said.

‘I think every team when they play Tottenham or England, you know Harry Kane’s qualities. But we prepare the defenders for every single opponent

‘The season that (Heung-min) Son and Kane have had, their relationship is one of Tottenham’s strengths and they have other quality players we have to be aware of.’

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