The Best Signing Ole Gunnar Has Made

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Ole Gunnar might have already made the best and only signing Manchester United needs in order to return to their best of forms, just like Alex Fergueson’s days.

Manchester United temporal manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is believed to have already signed the best and only person Manchester United needs to get back to their best of forms; Mike Phelan.

Phelan left Manchester United the moment David Moyes was named to succed Sir Alex Ferguson and has been away since then.

Gunnar’s appointment as the interim manager helped him(Phelan) return to the club as Manchester United sets to put on their Glory Garment which was lost the moment they began to produce results that are below average; From David Moyes’ era to Mourinho’s.

Ferguson and Mike Phelan
Photo: Courtesy (Ferguson and Mike Phelan)

Former Manchester United’s player, Parker believes that Phelan’s return to the club is a great achievement for Ole Gunnar, he also stated that Phelan’s return is the best signing Manchester United would need this season.

“Micky Phelan may be the best signing the Manchester United have made, him coming back, he should never have been allowed to leave in the first place when David Moyes come in, that was a massive mistake by David Moyes.”
Parker told talkSport.

“But he’s back now and someone like him, who worked with Sir Alex and knows about the club as well, it is as important off the pitch as it is on it.

“Micky Phelan makes the big, big difference sitting next to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Phelan seems the most vocal in the technical area? Oh, without a doubt.”-Parker said.

Phelan on the other hand, following his return believes that after their few games under Ole, the club is presently in “rich vein of form”. He disclosed this after their match against Newcastle which they actually won.

“We’re in a rich vein of form now. What we have asked them to do, the players have done,” Phelan told Stadium Astro.

“There are lots of areas of the game we can improve on. That’s the beauty of it now. We can actually analyse the games that we have played and sometimes we have been fantastic going forward and a little bit sloppy defending.

“But the players now know both sides of the coin so we can work on that now and that will be our intention leading up to the Tottenham game because that will be a different test.

“But it’s Wembley – I’m sure Manchester United players love Wembley. I think it’s going to be a great football match and, obviously, Manchester United have to turn up and do what we’re doing, and do more and I think we can do that.”

Ole Gunnar
Photo: Courtesy (Ole Gunnar)

The club will look to increase their chances of climbing to the top four as they prepare to face what is regarded as Ole’s first major test; Tottenham.

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