The Hand Of God; Messi And Maradona

Argentines are cheaters in World football.

Two greatest stars known in world football are on the other side the bandits ever known in world football.
On 22nd June 1986, at the Azteca stadium in mexico city, a quarter final match in the world cup that featured Argentina vrs England saw the World’s biggest star at that time stealing a ball to goal by his hand; a left arm fist while battling over an air ball with Peter Shilton; the English goalkeeper who stands 20 centimeters taller than Diego Maradona .
The onfield english players protested a handball to the Tunisian referee Ali Bennaceur but from an advice sought from his second standard bearer ratified the goal.
A mexican photographer,Alejandro Ojeda Carbajal immortalized this moment in a photograph in which the blow is seen with his hand.

After a 2-1 game, Maradona moved the Argentines to the semi-finals of the tournament and they lifted the glory of the tournament, hence, the 1986 world cup winners.
In 2005, Maradona confessed on a program La Noche Del 10 that the 19 year old controversial goal was actually scored with his hand.

Lionel Messi; the hottest man on the planet started with cheat and may still cheat.



On 9th June 2007, Messi scored a goal using his hand in a match against RCD Espanyol which drew comparison to a goal scored by Maradona in the 1986 world cup against England. Messi, loved by many football lovers and often regarded as one of the greatest of all time, equalized espanyol’s 1:0 lead at the 43rd minute of play but the game ended 2-2 as Raul Tamudo’s late equalizer at the stoppage time marked a brace for him and also a brace for Leo Messi in the derby match.
When Messi scored with his hand over an air ball battle with the goalkeeper, he celebrated as if nothing happened, he rejoiced as if a hard goal had been scored.
Yet, Messi still blames some referees over some certain unfair decisions especially when he looses with his side.

Lionel Messi (left) and Diego Maradona (right)


Both two, Messi and Maradona, are inclusion to the world’s greatest stars ever known in world football,
Both two, Messi and Maradona , are dominantly left footed.
Both two, Messi and Maradona are Barcelona legends,
Both two, Messi and Maradona are from Argentina.

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