The referee didn’t care for us despite his promise to me – Lionel Messi

The referee didnt care for us as he promised me Lionel Messi
The referee didnt care for us as he promised me Lionel Messi

Argentina’s Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero lashed out at the officials after their 2-0 Copa America semi-last destruction by Brazil on Tuesday and addressed why video innovation was not counseled in two penalty offers that were waved away.

VAR has been utilized intensely at the competition, to such a degree, that coordinators CONBMEBOL needed to guard its utilization with fans protesting about extensive stoppages.

The VAR framework has hugy affected outcomes, discounting three Uruguay goals in their quarter-final exit against Peru just as strikes for Chile in their last eight game with Colombia.

The group stage additionally observed various objectives chalked off after extensive stoppages for audits, while a few penalty were granted notwithstanding when there had been no interests for a foul.

On Tuesday, in any case, VAR was obvious by its non-appearance and Messi, who isn’t known for verbal upheavals, was irate that it was not utilized.

“The Referees gave such huge numbers of inept fouls in this Copa America however today VAR wasn’t counseled once,” Messi said.

“This ought to be investigated and I hope CONMEBOL accomplish something with these referees who unbalance the pitch by favoring a group.

“Actually we’re furious on the grounds that we played great, we invest a colossal exertion and for it to end like this makes us pitiful.”

Messi said the Officials had demonstrated Argentina no regard.

“I addressed the referees and he said he would regard us that he would take care of us yet at no minute did I see that.”

Aguero had all the earmarks of being stumbled by Dani Alves in the subsequent half however no foul was given and Brazil quickly propelled a counterattack which saw Roberto Firmino twofold their preferred position.

Argentina defender Juan Foyth was stunned to the point that a foul was not given that he didn’t surge back to end a kept running by Gabriel Jesus which prompted the goal.

Later in the game, Nicolas Otamendi went to the ground in the wake of going head to head with Brazil’s Arthur at a corner, yet Argentina’s interests again demonstrated vain.

“They revealed to us that VAR would resemble a fifth referee yet when things turn out like this I’d preferably it wasn’t there,” said Aguero.

“I was running into the territory and Alves ceased me with his foot, it was clear, so evident that Foyth halted and sat tight for it to be given.”-Aguero ended.

All pleas won’t change a thing as the match is already concluded and Brazil is already in the finals. Argentina would have buckle up next time.

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