Thiago Silva’s only problem at Chelsea almost solved


The former Paris Saint Germain man hasn’t found it quiet easy communicating with the rest of the squad following his arrival from the French League.

One of Blues new arrivals has reportedly found it hard to communicate properly with the rest of the squad.

Leading to an undreamed debut which his costly error had his side conceded a goal.

But having rebounced with a clean sheet game during his second EPL start for Chelsea, Thiago Silva has managed to be getting past his communication issues at Stamford Bridge.

According to the club Captain, Cesar Azpilicueta, Thiago Silva speaks French mostly and being also a French speaker, he has become one of the persons helping Silva to quickly learn English.

“Yes it’s true, we were communicating in French,” Azpilicueta said to the club’s official website.

“I speak French, as does Thiago, and obviously Kurt [Zouma] does as well. It was a good way for us to talk at the back. Edu [Mendy] in goal speaks French too, so it was the best way for us.

“We try to help out as much as possible with the players that don’t speak English at the moment and it is no problem for us. Thiago also speaks the same language as Jorginho, so he can communicate with him too.

“I think language is secondary though. Football is a universal game and for people like Thiago, he’s been around the game for a long time and can lead others even without speaking the language so well.

“We want to make the adaptation as easy as possible for the new players and if we have to speak French in defence until the guys understand English, then that is fine.”

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