Tottenham building in José Mourinho new era

Jose Mourinho pointing
Jose Mourinho pointing

Special one looks to find perfect solution for midfield problems and likely, Saints Captain seems to be a perfect match to solve Jose’s problems.

Southampton Captian, Hjobjerg who changed his agent in his preparation to leave the club will be a suitable and perfect link to Mourinho team.

Spurs how had the 4th most midfield player to be dispossessed 4.5 per game. He and Lo Celso are the 3rd midfield players to be dispossessed 2.3 per 90 mins.

Team has no destroyer now with Dier desire to play as CB, Wanyama who didn’t persuade Mourinho leaving the team and also injury of Sissoko, so team need that type of players.

Hjobjerg who is EPL player to recover the most balls with 287 recovery and he was the 2nd last season with 8.7 per game.
So he would be perfect to help mourinho building his new Spurs, helping team to recover the ball fast, so improving defensive phase of the team with more freedom to creative players like locelso should be given.

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