Tragedy: Napoli Fans Killed Inter Fan


Just 24 hours after been hit by a van driven by a Napoli fan, Inter Milan fan dies in the hospital where he was administered.

The long awaited Inter Milan-Napoli clash has come and gone, with Inter having the victory in a 1-0 scoreline. But that was not all.

Before the start of the match yesterday, a conflict broke out between the inter and the Napoli fans.

Things got so serious that a Napoli fan was stabbed but it was reported that his condition wasn’t that serious as he survived the attempt on his life.

Moments after that, the Napoli fans were spotted heading back to the van they came with and immediately they hit an Inter Milan fan with it.

The victim of the incident was rushed to the Milan’s San Carlo hospital and was reported to have died this morning.

Although his identity has not been revealed, the man is believed to be 35 years old of age.

Source: II Corriere della Sera.


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