Uruguay Academics hunt FA for Edinson Cavani ban

Uruguay Academics hunt FA for Edinson Cavani ban

The former PSG striker was on the last day of the previous year handed sanction for the use of ‘negrito’ word after his side’s super comeback against Southampton

Edinson Cavani who was recently banned for his use of a word perceived to be racial has seen Academics in his home country slamming the FA.

The Uruguayan Academy of Letters on Friday did blast the FA’s ban on Cavani, calling the ban an example of “cultural and linguistic knowledge.” in the English football.

Despite Cavani apologizing and taking down the said post moments after his attention was called to it as a post potentially racial, the FA went on to hand him a three-game ban plus a £100k as he is also meant to face a one-on-one education as part of the punishment.

Uruguay Academics hunt FA for Edinson Cavani ban 1

In reaction to Cavani’s ban, the body in charge of guarding and advancing Spanish language in Uruguay said; “The English Football Association has committed a serious injustice with the Uruguayan sportsman … and has shown its ignorance and error in ruling on the use of language, and in particular Spanish, without noting all its complexities and contexts,” the academy said in a statement.

“In the context that it was written, the only value that can be given to negrito – and particularly because of the diminutive use – is affectionately.”

United are to battle their next opponent without the goal scorer after their last game’s 2-1 victory against Aston Villa as Cavani also missed out.

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