Video: Mourinho Predicted Eden Hazard’s Injury Hell Back In 2015

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The former Chelsea star has been from one injury to the other since his trip to Madrid

Chelsea happily let go of Eden Hazard after he fulfilled his promise to stay for one more season before leaving to Real Madrid where he revealed to be his dream club.

Unfortunately for the Belgian, it hasn’t been as expected since he moved to Spain. As he has suffered 8 injuries with this serving as a major barrier to his career.

Hazard was pictured to become the best player on arriving at Santiago Bernabeu but he may not live to fulfil this prediction as a move back to Chelsea may be the only way out of his miseries.

Hazard has suffered several huge blows since joining Madrid.

  1. Fibular Fissure – 76 days
  2. Knock to the knee – 25 days
  3. Hairline crack – 67 days
  4. Bruise on the ankle – 8 days
  5. Adductor – 27 days
  6. Adductor 2 – 30 days
  7. Thigh Injury – 37 days
  8. Hamstring – 25 days.

Despite the current happenings had come as a surprise to many, it’s still not undeniable that Jose Mourinho had predicted such things may happen in a time like this.

Speaking in an interview back in 2015, Jose complained of how the referees failed to protect Hazard from steady rough tackles.

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Watch the video below.

After just making substitution appearance for Real Madrid on Saturday against Elche, Hazard fell to another discouraging injury.

The Belgian may need to reconsider on his decisions to remain at Real Madrid and push for an exit.

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