War behind the scene: Top Source exposes Chelsea players against Frank Lampard reign

War behind the scene Top Source exposes Chelsea players against Frank Lampard reign

Frank Lampard has his job on the line but keen to impact the required change in order to avoid using the exit door at Chelsea

Things haven’t been going on smooth lately at Stamford Bridge as top source makes bold claim on Chelsea players who have fallen out of balance with Lampard.

Frank Lampard arriving Chelsea marked the beginning of a new era, an era that would see more youths coming into the squad and the older leaving.

A clear example was his days at Derby County as he made great waves in the Championship league with a team flooded with youngsters ambitious to make a change.

War behind the scene Top Source exposes Chelsea players against Frank Lampard reign1

It was also during his days at County that he fell in love with the styles of players as Abraham[Aston Villa on loan] and his favorite boy, Mason Mount who is taking the right path in setting a landmark.

Just like in Derby County days, Mount is still contributing a lot to his team despite not being as experienced as the big boys in the team.

Arriving Chelsea, Tammy Abraham and Mason Mount quickly merited positions as this warranted for the departure of several names, leaving Olivier Giroud in the frontline to compete with Abraham before the arrival of Timo Werner.

Mount has been a regular in the center, with many fans now labelling him ‘Frankie’s son’ due to how frequent he always appeared on the line up.

But truth be told, Mount is only showing up cause he has been giving what the manager asked for, unlike the big boys who could easily flaunt orders.

War behind the scene Top Source exposes Chelsea players against Frank Lampard reign 2

Following reports from AS via a source on Opera news, the current case has led to certain players already pushing for the manager’s sack as this can also be confirmed from their performances lately.

During the Blues’ last game, a clear message of levity and lack of dedication were passed across to the spectators as the squad made little to no effort to rise from early slumps.

This tells that of course something isn’t right within the squad behind the camera’s.

Alonso, Kepa, Rüdiger and Jorginho were all labelled culprits of the movement behind the scene as all have lost their places in the new era except for Jorginho who gets more game time than the others on the list.

According to the source, Alonso who has lost place to Chilwell is as well wishing for Lampard’s era to come to a premature end despite the English man’s contract running until 2022.

Aside these names, the others in the team are behind the manger as they are very grateful for the golden opportunities he has handed to them by bringing them to Chelsea front page.

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This claim is backed with the fact that the manager is reportedly taking on same revival path employed by Mikel Arteta to see Arsenal back on winning ways.

Several names have been rumored to be the replacements lined by the club board should Lampard lose his place in the club but recent reports disclose the manager isn’t under fire to be sacked soon as he is given more time to set things right.

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