War in Camp Nou as Neymar deal falls off and Messi supports the Brazilian

War in Camp Nou as Neymar deal falls off and Messi supports the Brazilian

The Transfer window is shut against all European clubs and Neymar has failed to return to Barcelona and this has just begun a war back at Camp Nou.

Following the just concluded transfer window, Barcelona president seems to be avoiding his players, according to reports as war sparks off in Camp Nou.

The popular Spanish media outlet, DonBalon shared that Bartomeu and his staffs now prefer not to meet in events as their slippery relationships just got worst.

On Thursday last week, there was no official photo of the club’s president and Messi, neither with De Jong as both stars prefer to instead take shots with their family and others.

Some sources claim that the players are angry cause Barcelona failed to resign Neymar during the transfer window.

It was disclosed that Bartomeu is avoiding his players so as not to be questioned about the failure of Neymar’s return.

Neymar has always been informing Lionel Messi and Luiz Suarez of the happenings during the transfer negotiation. No wonder, they both know about Bartomeu’s tricks which they do not find funny.

Now Barcelona and Neymar have to continue their war in the court as Barcelona sued the Brazilian for breach of contract which they want €75m for.

Neymar at the other end would appear in court against Barcelona for renewal of bonus not paid to him.

However, if both parties had sealed a deal and Neymar joined from PSG then, all these charges would have been dropped by both sides.

But it turns out that the first photo we will be seeing of Bartomeu and Neymar after a stressful transfer window would be in the court and not on the pitch.

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