War Lord Unai Brings Back Combat in EPL

Emery 1 somtosports
Emery 1 somtosports

For several years now, Arsenal have been a team known for their cold nature and a place for calm midfielders who can be messed with at any time.

This is about to change as the new coach, Unai Emery has brought back the nasty nature of the Gunners.

During the North London Derby match, a lot of surprises occurred, with Arsenal’s benched players attacking Eric Dier on his celebration, Mustafi’s attack on Tottenham’s man and other events.

Unai Emery might have discovered that it is only aggression that could get them extend their unbeaten streak as they prepare to visit the crumbling Old Trafford.

The 47 year old was charged for not controlling his players during the North London Derby match at Emirates Stadium.

Etxegoien told the media; “I feel proud when the fans sing that they have our back, but we have to continue with calmness and humility”.

“We’ve got our Arsenal’s back” is the song sang by the Emirates Fans.

Arsenal would be facing the Old Trafford occupants, The Red Devils today.

Meanwhile, the BBC pundit, Ian Wright recently spoke on the chances of Arsenal crushing Manchester United, looking at the nature of things.

wright-somtosportsWith Arsenal having a player, Aubameyang who has scored 10 goals with his last ten shots on target and also the team ranking as the team covering most miles in the premier leagues this season, with a total of 1003 miles, followed by Tottenham(977 miles) and Bournemouth(989), Everton (985) befor Chelsea’s 980 miles.

MAnchester United sits at the bottom part of this rank table as one of the worst miles runners, totaling 938 miles, followed by Liecester(937), Brighton(933), Westham(932) and finally Cardiff(906).

Wright went on to express that he didn’t predict the outcome of the game in favor of Gunners because United are struggling, rather due to the state Arsenal now approaches the second half of every of their games.

Emery’s hard-work is written all over the team, following his arrival into a strange league to him and adapting as soon as possible.

Now, Arsenal as a whole has a belief of performing better in every game they play.

“They’re going through what Arsenal endured. They’re thinking they may not make the top four.

I believe Arsenal will breach United’s defense and that’s not being cocky or over-confident.

If your side has gone 19 games unbeaten, and scored more goals than anyone bar Manchester City, why wouldn’t you feel like that?” Wright said.

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