Watch Video: This single act from the squad to the 2000 Arsenal fans will melt your heart

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Gunners were so vibrant in front of their 2,000 fans who were allowed to return to stadium after many months as they trampled upon Rapid Wien in a 4-1 thrash

Arsenal were in an amazing form on Thursday night as they found the back of Rapid Wien’s net over and over, extending Arsenal’s Europa League 2020/2021 goals to 16 after just 5 games.

Despite being in a woeful EPL form Arsenal haven’t ceased to produce brilliant results whenever they come up against an Europa League opponent.

Last night was a perfect example, coupled with the fact that they for the first time in months have their fans supporting and singing to them in the stadium.

According to a statistical analysis from CIES, it’s believed that most EPL teams produced better results in absence of the fans.

Watch Video: This single act from the squad to the 2000 Arsenal fans will melt your heart

Regardless of this factual claim by the Observatory agent, Arsenal squad appeared very much happy to see their fans back as this could also be credited for their back to back goals.

In the short clip below, we see the Arsenal squad going closer to the fans to applaud them for returning to the Stadium.

Aubameyang was rested last night as he also sent out words to the fans who would over time be allowed to appear in larger number as time goes by.

“Football is all about you; the fans, we have missed you and we are so happy to start welcoming you back,” Aubameyang said.

“To the 2,000 fans at the Emirates Stadium tonight and the millions around the world.

“Thank you so much for your support

“Most of us are still apart but we are still together”

Arsenal will get back to action during the weekend when they battle local rivals, Tottenham Hotspur.

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