“We Are Hungry” – Klopp


Liverpool are 7 points clear on the league table following their win over Arsenal.

The club manager, Jurgen Klopp has shared with the club’s official website, Liverpoolfc.com what he and and his boys intends to do on their next fixture as they prepare to battle the defending Champions, Manchester City.

The season was all good for Manchester City until Chelsea ended their unbeaten streak, thereby putting Liverpool in front.

Chelsea defeats Manchester City

As if that wasn’t enough, Crystal Palace added salt to the injury with a dramatic 3-2 defeat over The Citizens.

Crystal Palace defeats Manchester City
Crystal Palace defeats Manchester City

Leaving City points behind Liverpool. On their quest to recoup the lost points, Leicester City took advantage of their desperation by managing to cough out 3 points from their clash at King Power Stadium.

Leicester City defeats Manchester City
Leicester City defeats Manchester City

Manchester City are now 7 points behind The Reds after a relieving victory over Southampton yesterday.

With Liverpool as their next match, Manchester City are really faced with a great danger considering Liverpool’s form this season.

Liverpool’s manager, Klopp recently passed a message across to Guardiola through the club’s official website, Liverpoolfc.com stating that his boys will give in all it takes to grab 3 points from the match.

“We are [hungry]”- Klopp said


“We don’t think about the gap, not for a second. What we think about is 54 points – unbelievable, to be honest. That’s really strange and feels strange.

“All we can do is keep going; recover first of all, that’s very important, and then prepare the next game.

“We all know, wow, Man City are a fantastic football team and an away game at City – who can go there and think ‘Probably we will win’? No team in the world, not even us.

“So we have to go there and try everything to get a result. That’s what we will try.”
-The manager ended

Liverpool are really hungry to end their 28 years infirmity as they look to lift the trophy this season.

Funny but true
Funny but true

It might sound funny knowing that the last time Liverpool won the trophy, Geroge Bush was still the president of America, Mohammed Salah was still 2 two years from being born and there was still Soviet Union. LOL!!!

You can click here to check out more interesting fact about the last time liverpool lifted the trophy.

Worried Guardiola
Worried Guardiola

Meanwhile, Manchester City would be left with a lot of work ahead of January 3rd, 2019 when Mohammed Salah would be looking to extend his chances of changing the history he came to meet o earth.

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