We were the better side —- Lampard

We were the better side Lampard
We were the better side Lampard

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has lauded his team’s spirit against the Reds on Sunday especially in the second half in which they pulled a goal back through N’Golo Kante’s stunner. The Blues lost their first game at the stamford bridge under the manager Frank Lampard in a fiercely competitive game that saw the blues almost snatch an equalizer in the dying minutes.
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Frank Lampard has however hailed his boys’ indefatigability in the second half. speaking after the match, he said ‘It’s hard to accept congratulations after a loss, but we must say the way we played in the second half is towards where we want to be: energy, passion, moving the ball quickly, changing the play, getting crosses in the box. They are things we work on and we did it against Liverpool.
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‘Within that you have to say details lose you games. That Firmino goal lost us the game because you can’t have free headers in our six-yard box.’
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‘I really felt we were in the game. There were moments in the first half: the VAR moment clearly, those are the rules now but it is deflating for the team and the stadium; Tammy’s chance is the best chance of the half; and the free-kick was fantastic from them.

‘It was about what spirit and mentality can we show in the second half. It’s not easy to be 2-0 down at half-time. You can take it on the chin and say ‘this team’s too good, we can’t turn this around’, but we did the opposite which I’m proud of. But we need points too.

‘I don’t mind losing. We lost the Super Cup when we could have potentially won the game. What I won’t take is the second-half performance against Sheffield United at home.

‘I will take today but it now needs to translate to points. That performance today, week in week out, is going to amass points. We need to do that and keep improving.’

‘We need to work and look at it in training. Set-pieces are a different animal to other types of goals. I will always look at the team in every element of goals. There are times when we haven’t defended well as a team and conceded, and times when it’s a set-piece where it’s something we work on all week and then switch off in a game.

‘It’s very hard to replicate the exact moments of a game but you have to work towards it every day in training. We are. A clean sheet will come for us, and it’s obviously important because we can’t outscore everybody every week.’

‘We end up being not surprised with Kante, which is not fair on him really. He did it in the Super Cup without training, he did it today with probably not match-fit training, but he’s so important for us you put him in the team and he showed his qualities.

‘I have to single out Tomori. For a young player like him to go up against Mo Salah, who is lethal, and deal with him for pace and in the mind, I thought was class. Everything he did was. Those are the signs I’m looking for individually.
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‘And Alonso. He came on and did really well. It’s not easy coming on in a big game like that.’

The manager also highlighted some of blues’ injury complications in the match, ‘Emerson is a similar injury to what he had, with a muscle. When you do that it means you’ve come back too soon. That’s not a slight on Emerson, everyone wants to play this game, fair play. Those things shouldn’t happen.

‘Christensen is a bang on the knee which we will assess.
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The first thought is it’s not that bad.

‘It was a shame to use up subs in the first half but the two who came on, Alonso and Zouma, both did very well. They added to us in a way.’

‘He has played a few games. Willian has come back in and been sharp and looked good. I decided to go with Mason today because we needed to stay strong in midfield and play Mason higher up the pitch. Those are my choices to make. He will get ample opportunities as well.

‘There’s him on the bench, Pedro, Ross Barkley, Batshuayi who deserves more minutes for the way he’s training at the moment, and those are unfortunate choices I need to make.’

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