We won’t repeat our mistakes, Jadon Sancho is staying – Watzke

We won't repeat our mistakes, Jadon Sancho is staying - Watze 1

Jadon Sancho might be remaining with Dortmund as the club chief, Watzke has debunked rumors of the youngster wanting to leave.

Its been on most headlines stating Manchester United have taken the lead to land Jadon Sancho but the club chief at Signal Iduna Park has said otherwise.

According to Eurosport, the youngster seems to be staying back despite interests from multiple top flight English teams, including Chelsea and Manchester City.

Watzke told reporters Sancho is happy at the Park but although not so certain the English man would not want to return to his Country to play football in the future.

We won't repeat our mistakes, Jadon Sancho is staying - Watze 2

“I think he has the feeling that the club does have a good future,” Watzke told BBC Sport.

“In my opinion, I don’t think he wants to leave. It’s not clear what will happen. We have a very confidential relationship between us and him and his agents. We will discuss it.”

It’s a clear fact that Dortmund is one team ready to let go of any star as long as sufficient cash is tabled for the deal.

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Ranging from Lewandowski, to Ousmane Dembele to Pierre Aubameyang and other players no one ever believed the Yellow and Black side would let go of, considering their talents.

One of the sales even brought about a conflict between the club and one of the strikers who later left the club for Arsenal FC.

It had also led to the Gabonese striker, calling his former management several bad names while lashing out his angers on how the club had promised not to sell Ousmane Dembele but afterwards betrayed the whole squad.

We won't repeat our mistakes, Jadon Sancho is staying - Watze

Considering all these, there is no strong point believing Jadon is going to stay back, although Watzke has promised the club won’t make same mistakes they did on other deals in the past.

“It’s not a question of money,” he explained. “For us, it would be the best position if he stays at Borussia Dortmund.

“We have enough money. We want to have titles. I think this team has a lot more potential with Jadon than without Jadon.”

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