What Ozil’s Absence Might Instigate At The Short-run

Mesut Ozil 748202 somtosports
Mesut Ozil 748202 somtosports

Ozil’s absence from the squad during the London derby match clearly sends out a message to the public.

Arsenal for the second time this season faced their strong rival, Tottenham in a derby match but this time, the score board turned against them as ozil was left out of the squad.

Being one of the best footballers in the universe, Ozil was supposed to feature in such an important match but the Club manager, Unai Emery thought it was better benching the German midfielder.

“It was a tactical decision because I thought the players today with us were for us the best for this match.” – Emery said

Mesut is gradually becoming used to the bench as he has been absent in several of the team’s matches, despite coming in as a substitute in their last league match, Ozil has not been in the team’s squad for more than two matches earlier.

Yesterday, Arsenal suffered a defensive error which does not reflect to the fact that Mesut was absent from the squad, he isn’t a defender either.

Ramsey took up Ozil’s role and he actually impressed everyone but the team’s finishing was not up to par, at the end they lost 2 goals down to Spurs.

Aaron Ramsey is expected to leave the club soon following Arsenal’s large bills and inability to pay the Welsh what he feels he deserves to be paid.

Also another reason might be Ozil’s huge salary, but with the recent development and happenings in the team, the situation might turn around to instigate Ozil’s departure from Emirate Stadium.

Dropping Ozil and picking Ramsey in such a future-affecting match with a strong rival entails that Emery trusts Ramsey’s output compared to Mesut’s.

Despite the fact that Ozil was absent, his presence might not have changed a thing if he was to be in the match, Ramsey really impressed everyone with his performance and this might mean a tip-off for Ozil.

The star might end-up leaving the team in order for Arsenal to upgrade Ramsey’s pay.

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