Why Maguire’s move to Man. United would cause Barca to come fish at Old Trafford

Why Maguire's move to Man. United would cause Barca to come fish at Old Trafford

Maybe this last minute movement is the explanation of Manchester United to demand Real Madrid , and Juventus , £180 million by Paul Pogba.

Manchester United will have thought that if they go through the hoop of an absolutely uncontrolled market, they will also make them sweat the fat drop to all those clubs that come for their players.

Although it is a dangerous game if they finally can not sell and start the season with disgusting stars and the coffers in red.

Why Maguire's move to Man. United would cause Barca to come fish at Old Trafford_somtosports
For the French we will see what happens, although each time is closer to repeating in Old Trafford , than to run the band of Juventus Stadium or the Santiago Bernabéu .

There are other worlds in this besides the one that orbits around the midfielder and some are rabidly current for the Red Devils, since their fans, once accustomed to caviar, have had to swallow too many seasons already with an unpleasant after-dinner snack.

That is why Gunnar Solskjaer intends to build a fort, hard in defense, as a base to face the reconquest of his lost prestige. And that is done with names.

The first weight in the rear has been Aaron Wan-Bissaka , which has cost £56 million, and the second that should be either Matthijs de Ligt or Harry Maguire.

Will finally close the second by about £90 million euros. A barbaric record by a central defender. The Leicester got away with it.

With this figure surpasses the peak at which came the Liverpool by Virgil van Dijk, £80 million, being further away the £65 million that Manchester City paid to Athletic Club by Aymeric Laporte.

The centrals begin to be as precious a good as any other. Now the Old Trafford will have to get rid of one of the six central defenses that counts: Victor Lindelof , Phil Jones, Eric Bailly, Marcos Rojo, Chris Smalling and Axel Tuanzebe.

Barça listens to this decision with interest. Bartomeu knows that his urgencies in this regard will go hand in hand with the signing of Neymar.

If, in a more and more bizarre play, the Brazilian returned to dressing in FC Barcelona, ​​PSG would take one of their two central sign (besides Gerard Piqué, absolutely untouchable) in the deal: Clément Lenglet or Samuel Umtiti .

That hypothetical future would oblige Barça to look for a replacement for the hole left, so they hope to catch (and cheaply) in the search for Maguire in the Red Devils .

Why Maguire's move to man. united would cause Barca to come fish at Old Trafford

One thinks of Lindelof, although possibly Red or Jones are excluded , since Solskjaer relies on the youth of Tuanzebe. Barça will press for the Swede. We will have to be attentive to this movement .

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